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When they’re working properly, you probably don’t even think about your home or office’s outlets, plug receptacles, and light switches. When they break down, though, it becomes obvious just how crucial these little components are to our everyday functioning.

There are a variety of outlets and switch types available, and modern versions are designed for safety, flexibility regarding usage and appliance types, and reliability. Whether you need replacements for broken outlets and switches or have decided to expand through renovations or remodeling, Jason H. Pope Electrical Contractors can install new outlets and switches for you.

GFCI Outlets and What They Do

You may not have heard of Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets before, but you’ve probably seen them. They’re required in all homes, and they can be spotted by their “TEST” and “RESET” buttons, which aren’t on other types of outlets.

GFCI outlets mitigate the damage done by ground-faults. A ground fault occurs when an unprotected electrical component connects a power source to a grounded object (such as a human). Usually, ground faults occur when electrical components are damaged or worn down.

GFCIs constantly track the amount of energy flowing each way in an electrical current. If the returning voltage is less than the voltage initially put through the circuit (even by a miniscule amount), the GFCI immediately cuts power to that circuit. 

These types of outlets have drastically reduced electrocutions and electrocution-related deaths, which is why building codes often require them. They are most common in bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor lighting areas. 

Outlet Requirements

Building codes have a long list of requirements regarding electrical system safety measures. Some of the typical 3-prong outlet regulations include:

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