Dedicated Circuits

Improve Efficiency - Stay Safe

Dedicated circuits are electrical pathways solely designed for a single appliance. The purpose of these singular-use circuits is to provide the energy needed by large appliances without causing an overload to your overall electrical system.

At Jason H. Pope Electrical Contractors, we specialize in installing and repairing dedicated circuits. If you are having problems with frequent breaker-tripping, system overloads, a burning smell when running certain appliances, or dimmed lights when certain appliances are switched on, you might need to invest in a dedicated circuit to improve efficiency and keep you safe.

These appliances often require too much energy to be run from the same circuit as other appliances. Doing so can cause overloads, breaker tripping, busted appliances (which can be quite costly!), and even electrical fires.

We are a licensed, insured and bonded electrical services company with the experience needed to deliver top-quality, safe & long lasting results. Serving Wake and Chatham County for many years now, we’ve provided excellent service and quality project execution for residential and commercial clients.

What we can do for your Dedicated Circuits needs

All circuits are designed to “trip” a breaker if dangerous levels of power are being drawn into those circuits. When a breaker trips, it cuts the circuit off from power sources, requiring you to reset the breaker before the circuit can be closed again.

If a breaker is tripped too often, it can wear out and cease to work properly. This may allow circuits to continue operating even when dangerous amounts of energy are in play.

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