Electrical Repair

Electric Problem? We Can Help

If there is one tenet of home or business ownership, it’s that things will fall apart when you least expect it. When electrical systems break down, the situation is even more dangerous than usual.

Faulty wiring, broken outlets, and other hazards can create significant risk for you and your family (or for your employees and customers, if you own a business). Arc faults, electrical fires, shock, power surges… the list of issues caused by poorly installed, broken, or corroded electrical systems is legion.

That’s why electrical repair is best left to the professionals.

Jason H. Pope Electrical Contractors can handle your repair needs efficiently and within your budget. With decades of experience, we have the first-hand knowledge to solve the issue, restore your electrical system or components to working order, and return your home or business to safety.

We are a licensed, insured and bonded electrical services company with the experience needed to deliver top-quality, safe & long lasting results. Serving Wake and Chatham County for many years now, we’ve provided excellent service and quality project execution for residential and commercial clients.

What we can do for your electrical repair needs

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