Low Voltage Lighting

Reduce Your Energy Bill

Though energy-efficiency is on the rise and low voltage lighting has come into fashion, the vast majority of lighting systems use line voltage. While live voltage is usually within the 120+ volt range, low voltage systems get that energy down to 12-24 volts. That’s a great way to reduce energy waste and lower your monthly energy bill!

While low voltage lighting systems have become increasingly popular, they are limited in their usage. They are typically safer than their line voltage counterparts, but they can only be used in specific circumstances. That’s because low voltage lighting relies on transformers to reduce the energy flow. Therefore, you can only use low voltage lighting systems within a certain distance from the nearest transformer.

Also, finding the right system for your needs can prove a hassle, not to mention actually installing it. Due to its use of transformers and intricate circuit work, choosing the right low voltage option usually means doing the work to analyze your energy needs and perform some electrical system math.

Jason H. Pope Electrical Contractors has experience with all forms of low voltage lighting, including the popular landscape lighting systems adorning pathways and patios of many modern homes. We can help you install new low voltage systems or repair existing ones that have broken down.

Types of Low Voltage Lighting

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