Electric Car Charging Systems

EV Charging Station Installation

One of the most significant modern  innovations in the world of electrical appliances and services is the electric car or electric vehicle (EV). Now, you can harness the power of your home or business to fuel your vehicle.

At Jason H. Pope Electrical Contractors, we are on the cutting edge of electrical technology. We’ve adapted to the growing need for electrician services like EV charging stations, and we can install one in your home or place of work for quick, efficient refueling.

Residential EV Charging Stations

For your home, your best bet is to go with L2 (level 2) charging stations. These are designed to charge cars quickly. Whether you plan on charging your vehicle overnight, want to “top up” while you come home for lunch, or want fast charging so you can charge multiple electric vehicles, these L2 stations are a simple, effective solution.

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We are a licensed, insured and bonded electrical services company with the experience needed to deliver top-quality, safe & long lasting results. Serving Wake and Chatham County for many years now, we’ve provided excellent service and quality project execution for residential and commercial clients.

Commercial EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are on the rise, and it’s likely that some of your employees or customers may be using them in the near future. Stay at the forefront of the culture by installing a series of EV charging stations at your building.

Having professionally installed EV charging stations is a huge benefit for a variety of reasons:

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