Five Reasons Why Your Ceiling Fan is Noisy

A ceiling fan can be a great source of comfort in your home. Too often, though, these appliances end up making annoying sounds that greatly impact your peace and quiet. If your fan is noisy, these factors could be culprit:

Faulty Dimmers

Humming sounds emanating from your ceiling fan may not be noticeable during the day, but if your fan runs all night, the humming noise will stand out. Humming is among the most common noises ceiling fans make when a dimmer is used to control the speed. Dimmers are not intended to be used with ceiling fans, so it’s best to replace them with standard speed controls.

Loose Fixtures or Blades

When fan blades become loose, the entire unit may start to make a clicking noise. Tighten the screws on each blade where it connects to the fan motor. If you’re still hearing noises, loose screws in the light fixture may be to blame. That’s especially common when your fan is set to the highest speed. Try switching off both the fan and light to remove the fixture and inspect for loose or fallen screws inside.

Weak Remote Receivers

If your ceiling fan is operated by remote, faulty receivers can lead to humming sounds. Try connecting the fan directly to the power source, rather than rely upon the remote to control it. If the sound stops, you’ll know that the receiver was indeed to blame.

Missing Screws

When you take a DIY approach fan installation, forgotten components and lose or missing screws are common. Check whether you saved screws or find a standard screw that matches the others in your fan. For future ceiling fan installations, be sure to hire a professional to prevent this issue entirely.

Improper Installation

Many people try to install ceiling fans and succeed – to a point. It isn’t until the fan begins making noise that they realize something is wrong. Improperly mounting your fan to your ceiling joist only amplifies regular fan noises. An electrician can mount between the joists to reduce and isolate noise. This strategy ensures that normal operational sounds won’t travel down the joist and cause loud noises.

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